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Hello. I’m Carina A. del Rosario. I use photography, digital media and visual art to explore the desire for community, for being part of something larger than oneself, and also the pull of solitude, for shrugging off ties that tangle and constrain. Whether I am working on specific projects about cultural communities and social issues or wandering streets around the world, I capture people’s lives unfolding or reflect on the evidence they leave behind.

Born in the Philippines, I immigrated to the United States at age 6. I earned a B.A. in Communication from Santa Clara University in 1991. I have studied photography with Magnum Photographer Alex Webb, Rebecca Norris Webb, Raul Touzon and Eddie Soloway. I have also studied various visual art forms and digital media. In addition to working on my own creative and documentary projects, I am a teaching artist and help youth use visual arts to explore their communities, advocate for what matters to them, and express their own experiences. I collaborate with non-profit organizations and educational institutions to help illustrate issues such as poverty, education, health and civil rights. I also co-founded the International District Engaged in Arts (IDEA) Odyssey Gallery, a collective that promotes cultural diversity, community development and economic prosperity in the International District/Chinatown neighborhood through visual arts.

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For inquiries about print purchases, photographic or teaching services, please email

Click here to see a video of me and my work from the Philippines, now part of the City of Kent’s permanent collection.

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  1. 09/3/2014

    It was wonderful to mmet you at Pacific
    Fabrics downtown.:)


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