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Art for Promoting Understanding

I started out as a cultural worker primarily by writing about community issues for newspapers and non-profit organizations. More recently, I have turned to visual art. Through art, I feel like I can present the complexities of race, identity and my hopes for social justice in more nuanced ways that, I hope, can spark contemplation and conversation, and engage our collective imaginations to work for a better world where there’s room for all of us. On July 3rd, I joined fellow artist Jasmine Brown and community activist Sharon Maeda to discuss “Under My Skin,” the current exhibition on race in the 21st century now on display at the Wing Luke Asian Museum, on KBCS’ Music and Ideas program. Here’s a link to that discussion (listen to some great grooves first, or click on hour 2 and skip to the 30 minute mark).

The Wing Luke Asian Museum has put together an incredibly thoughtful, provocative collection of work by artists who want us to grapple with all the ways race and racism affect us all. Check it out.