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Giving Back


I’ve been lucky. Many individuals and organizations have allowed me to photograph them, to collaborate with them to tell stories, stories that I hope remind people of our shared humanity. Remember last week’s torrential rains? The kind folks at Nickelsville were flooded. Nickelsville is where everyone has a voice, everyone takes responsibility, and everyone looks out for each other. Please consider helping out by bringing down firewood, gasoline (for generators), blankets, sleeping bags, tarps, socks and water proof boots, flashlights and batteries, rope, nails, hammers and duct tape, access to industrial size washer and dryer. Items can be dropped off at Nickelsville at 7116 Marginal Way SW at 2nd Ave SW and W Marginal Way SW. Money helps too. They go towards propane, garbage pick up and servicing port-a-potties.

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Peace: The Struggle Continues

Taken in San Francisco, California, Jan. 2009

I took this photograph in 2009, in San Francisco. I wish it was not still relevant, but the violence in Gaza has reignited, with Israel’s aerial bombardment and Palestinian fighters’ rockets. I think about all those who wail in anguish for their loved ones who have been killed, injured, who are missing. I join those wailing for the violence to end and for the hard work for peace and the protection of human rights to continue.