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Philippines: Balik/Ibalik

Balik/Ibalik means come back, restore in Tagalog, my first language. In September 2011, I returned to the Philippines after a 22-year absence. I came back and the language that had been unused for so many decades emerged from my tongue. The connections with relatives I thought were frayed to mere threads by time and an ocean were restored. And the ideas I had about my birthplace were deepened, made more complex by the people I met, the places I explored and the experience of being back.

Balik/Ibalik will be exhibited at IDEA Odyssey Gallery (666 S. Jackson St., Seattle, 98104), Feb. 2 through Mar. 31, 2012. The opening reception is Thursday, Feb. 2, 5 – 8 pm. Another special event is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 11, 1-3 pm. For additional gallery hours, please check the IDEA Odyssey Gallery’s website.